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If your natural teeth are less than perfect, veneers can help you achieve the confidence-boosting, beautiful white smile you desire. At Concord Dental Arts in Concord, California, board-certified Ellie Shirazi, DDS, and her experienced cosmetic dental team apply porcelain veneers over natural teeth to improve their appearance. Call Concord Dental Arts to learn more about veneers or schedule an appointment online today.

Veneers Q & A

What are veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made shells that fit over and enhance your natural teeth by improving their color, shape, size, and texture to create a more aesthetically pleasing smile. They improve the appearance of teeth that are:

  • Stained
  • Chipped
  • Discolored
  • Gapped
  • Crooked
  • Decayed

Getting veneers can drastically change the appearance of damaged teeth to create the beautiful smile of your dreams. It’s a minimally-invasive, highly-effective cosmetic procedure that produces flawless results.

What are the benefits of veneers?

The main benefit of veneers is a white, more aesthetically pleasing smile. Veneers are:

  • Long lasting
  • Strong
  • Natural-looking
  • Not easily stained

They require less enamel removal than traditional crowns. If your natural teeth and gums are healthy and strong but aesthetically flawed, your dentist might recommend veneers to perfect your smile.

What should I expect during treatment?

If after a consultation and exam your dentist determines that veneers best match your cosmetic needs, you’ll schedule an appointment for treatment. During this time, Dr. Shirazi removes a small amount of enamel from your natural teeth.

She uses innovative iTero® technology to take a digital 3D image of your teeth instead of traditional impressions and sends the information to a dental lab where new custom veneers are made. You might receive temporary veneers until the permanent ones are ready.

When the veneers arrive, Dr. Shirazi cleans your teeth and permanently bonds custom veneers to natural teeth where they remain permanently. The result is a naturally pleasing smile that’s strong and durable.

How should I care for veneers?

You’ll care for veneers as you would your natural teeth to keep your mouth healthy and prevent tooth damage. Brush your teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste, floss every day, and attend regular dental checkups and cleanings.

Avoid chewing on your fingernails, ice, and hard candies, and call your dentist right away if a veneer breaks or chips. If you clench or grind your teeth, ask your provider about wearing a mouthguard when you sleep.

Don’t let stained or damaged teeth prevent you from smiling. Call Concord Dental Arts to learn more about veneers or schedule an appointment online today.